Our Clients

What our clients say

"A neutral 3rd party claim administrator has resulted in direct cost savings both in personnel and the determination of actual cost price value"

"Their detailed claims analytics ..... allowed corrective actions to be taken in areas of operation that needed focus"

"Our management team confidently recommend the FreightGuard Service Guarantee to all organisations in the freight industry"

"The introduction of the FreightGuard Guarantee has allowed us to reap tremendous benefits with regards to identifying and controlling the causes of loss and damages"

"The benefits to our business of offering the Freightguard Service Guarantee were realised from the first month and have met our expectations over the years"

Claimants feedback

 "Thank you very much for the quick and professional way in which this matter was dealt with.

 We appreciate the service we are receiving"

"Thank you so much for this, we appreciate the efficiency of getting this sorted"

"Thank you, we really appreciate the settlement."

"Thank you so much for your mail, we appreciate the assistance"

"Thank you for the positive response and we appreciate the gesture to settle in such a manner"

"Thank you for the updated feedback regarding this claim. 

Your assistance in this regard, is much appreciated"