Full-Service Freight Warranty Program Design, Implementation & Administration

Even the best transport companies lose and damage freight. 

Let us provide solutions.

30 Years Experience

Providing freight warranty solutions since 1994

+dozens of carriers

The FreightGuard Service Guarantee has been implemented at over dozens of leading couriers.

+40% Claims

On average, the funds that FreightGuard sets up for our clients generate a 40% profitability after settling claims.

Service warranty

About Us

Operating across the UK, Europe & Africa, The FreightGuard Group are market leaders in designing, implementing and running warranty guarantee programs.

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Our Services

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Tailored Claim Solutions

Specialised Solutions

Loss and damage are realities for even the finest
transport companies. Rely on us for comprehensive
solutions designed to address these challenges
head-on, safeguarding your shipments and preserving
the reputation of your logistics operations.

Service Warranty

FreightGuard’s Service Warranty gives transport providers, aggregators and 4PL’s a compliant solution in funding and managing claims for goods lost or damaged in transit, while at the same time your clients enjoy enhanced liability cover limits and significantly improved service levels.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our solution generates significantly more than just the outsourcing of claims. Through our proprietary cloud based claims management and reporting tools, we deliver in-depth reporting and analysis on a wide range of claim events.


Whether you are a transport provider, freight aggregator or broker, we have a range of comprehensive services to offer you. We create customised solutions to suit your organisations individual needs and that of your customers.

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