Our Services

Service Guarantee

FreightGuard’s Service Guarantee gives transport providers, aggregators and 4PL’s a compliant solution in funding and managing claims for goods lost or damaged in transit, while at the same time your clients enjoy enhanced liability cover limits and significantly improved service levels 

With FreightGuard's professional team administering the programme, you have an impartial adjudicator who deals with your clients efficiently and fairly, helping to remove friction over small incidental claims. We also help reduce your administrative overhead costs through our low cost, efficient processing hubs

The FreightGuard logo is fast becoming a badge of honour that you clients come to rely upon and trust! 

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our solution generates significantly more than just the outsourcing of claims. 

Through our proprietary cloud based claims management and reporting tools, we deliver in-depth reporting and analysis on a wide range of claim events. 

By capturing all small claims, we start  to generate detailed insights into why goods are being lost or damaged in transit

Understanding causes and effects of claims allows you to improve operational outcomes and mitigate future risk. 

FreightGuard works with the transport company and their clients to develop enhanced packings standards, new procedures and other improved practices


Whether you are a transport provider, freight aggregator or broker, we have a range of comprehensive services to offer you. We create customised solutions to suit your organisations individual needs and that of your customers. 

Modern logistics is about providing high quality service with an ever increasing need to demonstrate added value. With FreightGuard at your side we can provide you and your sales teams the information to better service and support your clients. 

Our network of consulting partners can assist with just about any solutions package required.